Bota eksem och psoriasis

So many chronic skin conditions are cause by bad diets, maybe even yours. Problem is, many people have a poorly informed opinion of what humans should eat. If you are eating the wrong foods then your skin conditions will get worse, if you are eating real, whole-food, one-ingredient Keto, they will get better. You don't have to accept that your skin condition is chronic and there's really nothing you can do about it. That is just not true, you can improve your skin conditions with Keto, and this video is just the beginning. As you learn more, you will realize there are many, many chronic conditions that improve when you eat the proper human diet. If you've used Low-Carb, KETO, Carnivore to reverse a chronic skin condition, please share your story in the comments so new-comers will understand that there is hope, and there is an answer!

4 mar 2020